Jackal Key Process

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Jackal Key Process
« on: February 11, 2011, 05:25:42 PM »
This is a very simple process.

First you buy JACKAL.  8)
Make sure ostrich is connected through USB to the computer, and drivers installed.

Then follow the image procedure that follows:

Notice the invalid key text at the bottom.

Select the Ostrich Menu, select Create Key.

A file named key, will be placed in the working directory of jackal.

Email me the key file, following this format:
To: <my email address from the paypal purchase of the software>
Subject: DSMAP Ostrich Key
Forum Account Name: <your forum account name>

Paypal Transaction ID: <your paypal transaction id>
Receipt No: <#'s>

I will then email you a new key, just replace the key in the jackal working directory with the newly emailed key. Done  :clap
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