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Title: LS1 Coils
Post by: Yao on August 28, 2016, 08:15:21 AM
Hello all, I've acquired a set of Ignition Coils for LS1 and I am not quit sure how to wire it up to our car.... can anyone help? I've purchased from an old DSMer he parted out the car and doesn't know what coil is from and how to wired it up, only knows that it worked on dsm..., from our coil there are three wires to the connector, but I have 4 wires...... One red(power wire), three to go... another black(ground?)  2 to go... one of them is trigger wire(orange or green)  then what is the other?  I was told this is a smart coil?!  don't know what that means and it would be easy to use aftermarket ecu, but I want it to work on stock ecu.