tuning and engine break in questions

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tuning and engine break in questions
« on: October 13, 2013, 06:26:05 PM »
hi ya'll  so here is my predicament and some back ground to better help understand.

Ive done a rwd swap on my mighty max truck. I had it running on the stock maf, injectors, turbo and tune.
I found out my head was junk so im rebuilding my motor and upgrading during the process.

I have yet to decide on the fuel system right now so that's still in the air and I will be converting to e85 and also using the turbo mentioned in my other post, holset he351cw.

The head will be stock except for some port work and smoothing and the block will get a balance shaft delete and 2g pistons on 1g rods.  this is a 6 bolt motor.  and just got back from the machine shop and its just getting a basic refresh lol.

I have built quite a few engines and im not really worried about the actual break in process but more worried about tuning all of these new parts in the first few miles( im new to tuning with a computer).
Should I put the stock turbo and fueling stuff in it just to break it in and swap all my other crap later when its done? or build it and try and tune it as fast as I can so it doesn't wash out the cylinders with fuel?

Thanks for your advise  guys!! and sorry for  :deadhorse



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Re: tuning and engine break in questions
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2013, 11:04:07 AM »
Running the stock stuff would prob be a little easier, but a pain in the ass setup wise.  I built my 4g64 with a big turbo and fuel system and did breakin on 93octane with jackel.  i started with the stock tune that comes in the program and just took it slow.  it actually wasnt that bad.  I just calculated about what i would need for fuel on that setup and surprisingly when i started it the first time it wasnt too far off.  You should be fine breaking it in on the big setup.  just do your homework and take it slow and easy.
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